Sneak Peak

My classwork load has been a little unreal lately.  To take breaks in between, I've been nesting in a sense and started looking at what I'd like to do in the nursery. This is still subject to change as I need to stew on it a bit. I have plenty of time and would like to work on it this summer. 

Here's what I have as of now. We aren't planning on finding out and I am not big on the whole gender-neutral thing being just green and yellow - I just want it to be us. Once baby comes, we can always add to it. Looking at it right now, the colors are a little bit deeper after saving it as a picture - so imagine slightly lighter accent colors and a whiter wall color. 


Memorial Day 2014

Wow. This Memorial Day sure sped by fast! And not without some quality nephew time with the three best guys. How grown up they seem! And how tiny is little Luke?

Noah is very much into tractors, diggers, & trucks. He's the mechanic - gotta make sure those wheels are working right.

Mr. Wade is definitely a camera hog & ham. Here, he was checking out my lens...

...then Mom said, "Wade, smile for the camera!" Then we got these goodies.

We got Noah to give his cousin a little push around the yard. Wade was a little upset when Noah left him for the digger.

Uncle Ryan (soon-to-be-the-best-daddy-ever) was giving lessons on how to make the digger work the best.

We can't forget the newest addition, Luke. What a stud.

The boys love airplanes and could watch them all day...

...and Noah thinks Cole is hysterical.

The day isn't complete without some quality swing time with their best Nana. No need to exercise those biceps tomorrow after an hour of pushing these guys.


A Sentimental Chair

Much like the "put a bird on it!" or "we can pickle that"...

I usually say "we can paint that!" And honestly, most of the time, you totally can and it'll look great. But there are some things you just can't paint. And this project was one of them.

We inherited a rocking chair from Ry's mom that he was rocked in and read to in as a babe. And of course, I said "we can paint that!" but was quickly reminded that this chair was sentimental and not meant for paint. At first, I put up a little stink and said, "But it's black! We can't do black!" (whatever that means..). And then came to my senses, flipped it and reversed it, and completely understood how some things are just not meant for paint.

So, what can I do to make this chair our own but also as a keepsake? Easy. Add some flair. It needed a nice little cushion. And better yet, a handmade one.

I went thrifting yesterday and I scored a bunch of cool fabric (from curtains, tablecloths, placemats) for $20 all together. I also picked up a nice, cushy pillow for $1.99. Can't beat that.

 I chose the gold fabric for this project as I thought it would look best with the chair. I figured when it's not in use, I can prop the pillow up for some color. Otherwise, it feels good on the bum when you sit down.

And there you go. A simple project. It took me about 30 minutes.

I might try my hand with my new Lotta Jansdotter Stencils and do a simple one on the top with some gold to mimic some of the pillow fabric but that is still undecided.

One day, this little lady will be in the future nursery for our future babes.  For now, she rests as a place of contemplation in the creativity room.


Major. Progress.

What started as a small project when we moved in ("We'll just paint the hallway and put up some pictures...") turned into, like most, much bigger. Basically, we had discovered that the previous owners had painted over wallpaper. And if you have seen anything like it, it looked terrible. So we scraped & scraped & cursed & yelled & sanded & patched & sanded & patched (repeat, repeat, repeat). Oh, and our walls are plaster. Can you say, holy dust ball? A year (or so) later, we finally did it! We primed, painted, and decorated. Although, there are some minor things (like the wall cover/black light switches, installing stair moldings/sanding stairs, & painting the doors), we have done it!

Here is some "before" action for some context.

And here are the lovely-happily-ever-afters.

(side note: looking at replacing or spray painting this guy..)

Yay, us!!


The boys.

You know when you're an aunt when you just can't get enough of seeing & playing with your little nephews. Well, this was the case on Thanksgiving. My two nephews are just my absolute favorite. They both have such different personalities & mannerisms...it's a wonder that they are related! I could watch them all day (I mean, they could be picking their noses and you'd still hear, "awww..how cute!")

This little man is Wade. Full of interest & wonder. Once the camera came out, he was all about trying out the buttons and gears (he probably knows more about it than I do).

And this little man is Noah. Mini-Bubba. He's a bundle of energy and all about trying something first and then figuring it out later. And those eyes? Swoon.

They both decided to put on a little show for us. I think this piece was titled, "let's-scream-at-the-top-of-our-lungs-and-watch-the-adults-laugh-at-how-cute-we-are.

"You still there Aunt Kristin? 'Cause I just did something cute again."

This was our cue to clap and say "Yayyy!" (Like we didn't do that the whole time they were playing.)

Do they have to grow up? Because this age is my favorite ever...