In the works.

  • sanded
  • cleaned
  • re-glued

  • waiting for the oil-based primer to dry after coat one.

  • type of stencil


Hunger Games

Where have I been?

I remember the big "hoopla" of events when the movie Hunger Games came out not too long ago. I hadn't heard of it before nor did I know it was a book series.

A few weekends ago, we were itching to watch a movie so we rented Hunger Games. Oh.My.Word. It was really good! I was hooked!

I went and purchased the first book at a used book story for only $3.00 (what a steal!). I was going to wait to find another used book to purchase the second book but because of having no electric last Saturday, I went to buy it for something to do.

I finished the whole book in one sitting. It's just that good.

Does anyone else just love young adult books as much as I do?