Having my own classroom now has reminded me how much work it takes to set it all up. A LOT of work which is why I've been M.I.A (and Sons of Anarchy has also come into my life but that's another story...) But, I'm not complaining because it was so much fun! We start school on Monday so I'll take some pictures of my room then. Let's just say I think it is perfect!

In other news, I've been happy being an aunt to two very cute little nephews. 
We have Mr. Wade Anthony first, born in July.

He has already grown up so much and smiles as a response. 
Already loving Aunt Kristin, of course. I mean, who wouldn't?

And introducing the newest member, Noah Daniel.

He has yet so be awake in company though Mommy & Daddy say he shows his baby blues at the crack of dawn every morning. He is still on "womb time" I suppose. And an open mouth sleeper to boot. Too cute!

It's amazing seeing my siblings as Mommies & Daddies. It is true that the "instincts" kick in as soon as the baby is born - you immediately see them tend to their little guys with love & affection. What a true miracle.  

Already loving these handsome peanuts.


A "free" & easy project.

While rooting around in my parents' basement for some items for my classroom, I came across a stool that was from my grandmother's house. It was pretty beat up & had a lot of paint splatter strewn across the top and sides. After much thought & discussion with Ryan, we didn't feel like it was worth sanding because who knew what kind of paint was on it and it was pretty beat up. I must say, not having to sand wasn't exactly a sad moment for me...

So after a few weeks of priming with oil-based paint, painting a few coats of left over paint semi-gloss latex paint I had from my hutch, we officially have a stool that I can use for my together times at school!

I don't mind the bumps and scratches that were left there - I feel like it gives it some character.

The only thing I need to do finish is adding felt pads to the bottom of the chair. It originally had these rusty knobs on the bottom.

That looks like a scary accident waiting to happen; complete with a tetanus shot.

So there we have it. A cute seat for my bottom at work.


The "Manly" Shower

This passed weekend, a few of my besties and I went to a baby shower. The catch was that it was really for her hubs who is excited about having his first baby. I'll tell ya, I love the "manly" shower! We got the play-by-play from the guest of honor himself & it wasn't all about the gushing "awww" & "how cute!" girly things.

Us girls had a great time giggling about his phrases such as "A chew toy! I didn't know babies needed chew toys!" & "Gotta love the snug & ride!"

The momma-to-be-again looked awesome - all belly! And big sister Emma is beyond excited!

It's strange that we still all pretty much look the same as we did in high school - I mean, without the obvious baby belly!

Of course I came bearing gifts. The first beast was a lovely group gift which I wrapped with $1.00 kraft paper from the Dollar Tree. Yes, they have kraft paper for $1.00! 

My personal handmade gift were these cuties. Again, I made silhouettes & then sewed them on the onesies with the zig-zag stitch. I'm getting better but still need practice. I also opted to get different sized onesies just in case Ben comes out a ten pounder. (Let's hope not, Leigh).

All in all, a fun afternoon with a few of my favorite people. I can't wait to meet little Benjamin, soon!