You know what stinks?

Homeowners who paint over ancient wallpaper. 

Thinking about doing that? 


Here's our progress in the hallway. There is painted wallpaper covering the stairway as well as the upstairs hallway. This includes the ceiling. Here's where we are at.

You can see the difference between the hallway and the stairway here. The stairway had TWO layers of wallpaper underneath TWO layers of paint. Luckily, the hallway only had one layer of paint and one layer of wallpaper. So, it looks at least a teeny bit nicer.

Looks like an art project...

Hopefully, we can finish the paint scraping part. Then we can work on getting the glue&paper off.

I cannot wait for a fresh coat of paint. 


Handmade Christmas

For Christmas, I was determined to make something handmade and challenge myself in the field of sewing. These may not be perfect, but I am pretty proud of myself.

I made iphone cases for some ladies. I used linen napkins from West Elm as they were perfect and had the best thickness.

I also learned how to make a button hole with my Molly & how to finally sew a button.

The front is actually a pocket to hold cards or ear buds. And the side tab can be used for keys.

I also made small shower scrubs. It was a fairly easy recipe & it smells great. I ran out of epsom salt so I couldn't make as much as I had liked. I used it for my hands to test it out and my hands felt rather smooth afterwards.

I have to say, handmade is the way to go. It's a little stressful planning out time to complete the projects, but it feels great to give something from the hands & heart.


Awaiting Sandy

Instead of going into freakout mode because of the "Angry Miss Sandy", I decided to take the time to work on little green lady.

She needed her last clear coat and while she dried, I started cutting the paper I got from Paper Source for her top.

Using Mod Podge, I got her glued down. Now, I have to wait for two hours before the arduous process of the hard coat then sanding x 5 times. Yikes! She should be ready next month...

But while we wait, I can at least check her out for awhile while the lights are still on!


Autumn Sweaters

An ending to yet another beautiful fall weekend. The "Sunday Blues" usually start to kick in right about now but to be honest, I haven't had them too often because I sincerely love my job and am excited to begin the week with my adorable kiddos. (Not so much looking forward to actual classwork on Tuesday but alas, we can't win them all!).

My weekends have been wonderful in that I actually feel like I'm getting some things accomplished - and with spending little to no money doing them. It's fantastic!

To begin, I finally got around to putting on the original hardware on my hutch in my craft room. I had spray painted it last weekend in hopes of putting it on then, but ran out of time. It was pretty easy to screw them in and my, what a difference. I can also finally open the drawers without a screwdriver. Why did I wait so long?

No above view yet since I am still working on attaching the doors. Hinges are not my friend.

I took to adding some fall flair to our living space.  I had ordered a cute little banner from my beloved Paper Source. I must say, I do like the cozy feeling I get when I'm in this room (Zooey seems to like it too!)

I also went an got some "fall-ish" candles and added some pine cones from my sister's yard. The candles smell wonderful - The Christmas Tree Shop has them for a steal!

And a photo-bomb from the Owens.

 My mums that I had planted last weekend have started to bloom along with my pumpkins. They have a nice home right by our front door.

Our sunporch has opened up a bit - we gave away our table to Phil & Meg which makes this room feel A-M-A-Z-I-N-G when you walk in!

A project Ryan & my Dad have been working on has been our outside door (which was an absolute hot mess). They framed it out last weekend and started adding the sides and top today. Next weekend, the doors arrive. So excited to not take our lives in our own hands while walking up the steps and praying the door doesn't fall on our heads.

I had some time to finish painting the side table today. Isn't the color snazzy? I finally figured out what to do with the top...

...mod podge some paper on top! And here she is. This will be my project next week. Let's hope it turns out!

And in the spare time that I had (ha!), I did some more "Smashing." How addicting! And check out how cute my hubs is. What a cutie!

Any weekend successes your way? 



Added some new curtains to our living room today. They are light and airy and make our room super cozy. I'm especially loving my yellow suitcase find!


Finally working on something... My wedding scrapbook! And boy, this smash thing is fun! Already halfway done!!


In the works.

  • sanded
  • cleaned
  • re-glued

  • waiting for the oil-based primer to dry after coat one.

  • type of stencil


Hunger Games

Where have I been?

I remember the big "hoopla" of events when the movie Hunger Games came out not too long ago. I hadn't heard of it before nor did I know it was a book series.

A few weekends ago, we were itching to watch a movie so we rented Hunger Games. Oh.My.Word. It was really good! I was hooked!

I went and purchased the first book at a used book story for only $3.00 (what a steal!). I was going to wait to find another used book to purchase the second book but because of having no electric last Saturday, I went to buy it for something to do.

I finished the whole book in one sitting. It's just that good.

Does anyone else just love young adult books as much as I do?



Having my own classroom now has reminded me how much work it takes to set it all up. A LOT of work which is why I've been M.I.A (and Sons of Anarchy has also come into my life but that's another story...) But, I'm not complaining because it was so much fun! We start school on Monday so I'll take some pictures of my room then. Let's just say I think it is perfect!

In other news, I've been happy being an aunt to two very cute little nephews. 
We have Mr. Wade Anthony first, born in July.

He has already grown up so much and smiles as a response. 
Already loving Aunt Kristin, of course. I mean, who wouldn't?

And introducing the newest member, Noah Daniel.

He has yet so be awake in company though Mommy & Daddy say he shows his baby blues at the crack of dawn every morning. He is still on "womb time" I suppose. And an open mouth sleeper to boot. Too cute!

It's amazing seeing my siblings as Mommies & Daddies. It is true that the "instincts" kick in as soon as the baby is born - you immediately see them tend to their little guys with love & affection. What a true miracle.  

Already loving these handsome peanuts.


A "free" & easy project.

While rooting around in my parents' basement for some items for my classroom, I came across a stool that was from my grandmother's house. It was pretty beat up & had a lot of paint splatter strewn across the top and sides. After much thought & discussion with Ryan, we didn't feel like it was worth sanding because who knew what kind of paint was on it and it was pretty beat up. I must say, not having to sand wasn't exactly a sad moment for me...

So after a few weeks of priming with oil-based paint, painting a few coats of left over paint semi-gloss latex paint I had from my hutch, we officially have a stool that I can use for my together times at school!

I don't mind the bumps and scratches that were left there - I feel like it gives it some character.

The only thing I need to do finish is adding felt pads to the bottom of the chair. It originally had these rusty knobs on the bottom.

That looks like a scary accident waiting to happen; complete with a tetanus shot.

So there we have it. A cute seat for my bottom at work.