Remember me?

Now check me out!

The room is by no means done. I'm a firm believe in "using what you have" and I take my time when it comes to the "decor" part. Here are a few things I'd like to work on this summer.

  1. Find new pillows that really pull in the colors of the couch and walls OR cover existing.
  2. Take out the carpet and for the time being, use the gray concrete & a bright rug.
  3. Replace the "patio furniture" seen in the above photo OR spray them white.
  4. Replace the fan below to a simple fan without the lights (the wiring is all wrong and it shorted out our fan).
  5. Get rid of lamps (they are actually here right now to go to Goodwill..) & replace them with a nice floor lamp. I have my eye on one.
  6. Paint the inside door when we do the outside of the door this spring. (It is an eyesore right now).

Even with the list, we are happy with the results so far! How fun!


I love lamp.

Has anyone noticed Target's collections lately? Hello upgrade! I've been leaving lately sweating because of all of the cute things that I want to buy but know I need to just control myself. On our snow day a few weeks ago, we went a little nuts and got just a few items on our list. Lamps.

We needed them badly (our former lamps were really an eyesore and didn't do their job- you know, providing light adequately). We left with two new lights for the living room. Let me introduce them to you.

Lamp numero uno.

Lamp numero uno lit. It sort of has a green hue. I likey.

 Lamp numero dos. 

Lamp numero dos lit.

I have my eye on a few more lamps for our bedroom & our front porch. But that will just have to wait..for now!


Almost the "end of the line."

Well, here's the latest progress in the lovely front room! We went ahead and purchased a sample can of Benjamin Moore's "Light Pistachio". Here was the test shot.

It really brightens the room and is a quiet lovely minty color. It looks great against the white too!

We both gave the color a thumbs up and I went ahead and "cut in" around the room.

I also worked hard to get a good coat down on the brick as well. It isn't done - needs some touching up in some of the little crevices but I called it a day and went ahead and cleaned up. How does the new couch look with the color? (Please ignore the ugly carpet. That will not be staying).

The trim has a fresh coat of semi-gloss latex paint as well which really brightens the room. I actually love walking into our home now. It is so cozy! Can you picture me lounging here on a summer day with the light coming in and reading a new book? Oh, I can!

A quick before....

...and after!

Check back next weekend for the completed room along with some lovely fabrics. Oh yes!



A cute cart.

We recently took a trip to IKEA and I finally, finally, FINALLY broke down and bought this cart. Totally worth it.

First, I put it together myself. No need to call for assistance!

Twenty minutes later and without any big problems, she was all together!

I decided to have her be my sewing cart. I had recently stored all of my sewing things in a drawer and that became pretty annoying fast. Now, it is all easily accessible and it looks pretty cute too.

If anyone else is holding out on this cart - don't waste any more time!


Clear views.

A quick house update.

We added two new windows a few weekends ago. And my, you can feel & see the difference. G-daddy came over and assigned Ryan as assistant; therefore, I didn't need to do a thing!

We added a window to the kitchen...

and one to the bathroom.

Here's the translucent glass we got for the bathroom. It is awesome! We no longer have to continually see our neighbor's tidy yard! And even better, we have more light in the bathroom without having blinds. It was a little tough getting used to it - I felt like even though I couldn't see out, people could see in when it was dark outside. I had Ryan test it by going outside and stalking - we are safe. No worries!

Maybe we will save some money on our energy bill now!