Remember me?

Now check me out!

The room is by no means done. I'm a firm believe in "using what you have" and I take my time when it comes to the "decor" part. Here are a few things I'd like to work on this summer.

  1. Find new pillows that really pull in the colors of the couch and walls OR cover existing.
  2. Take out the carpet and for the time being, use the gray concrete & a bright rug.
  3. Replace the "patio furniture" seen in the above photo OR spray them white.
  4. Replace the fan below to a simple fan without the lights (the wiring is all wrong and it shorted out our fan).
  5. Get rid of lamps (they are actually here right now to go to Goodwill..) & replace them with a nice floor lamp. I have my eye on one.
  6. Paint the inside door when we do the outside of the door this spring. (It is an eyesore right now).

Even with the list, we are happy with the results so far! How fun!

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