Almost the "end of the line."

Well, here's the latest progress in the lovely front room! We went ahead and purchased a sample can of Benjamin Moore's "Light Pistachio". Here was the test shot.

It really brightens the room and is a quiet lovely minty color. It looks great against the white too!

We both gave the color a thumbs up and I went ahead and "cut in" around the room.

I also worked hard to get a good coat down on the brick as well. It isn't done - needs some touching up in some of the little crevices but I called it a day and went ahead and cleaned up. How does the new couch look with the color? (Please ignore the ugly carpet. That will not be staying).

The trim has a fresh coat of semi-gloss latex paint as well which really brightens the room. I actually love walking into our home now. It is so cozy! Can you picture me lounging here on a summer day with the light coming in and reading a new book? Oh, I can!

A quick before....

...and after!

Check back next weekend for the completed room along with some lovely fabrics. Oh yes!

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