Rustic Charm...

We got ourselves some new floors in the sun room.....


But we did rip up the carpet. And it was on a whim.

My plan yesterday was to prime the front door...which I did. But while I was priming, I was visited by an usual number of bugs ranging from annoying to really scary. As I investigated, I noticed they were coming from under the rug. ACK!

So I broke out the vacuum and started sucking. I noticed a few from the corner and pulled up the rug to find a few more bugs. After gagging, I went ahead and just ripped up the carpet and padding to get them all. And luckily I did because I found a "violation".

Yes. A wet spot. And it stinks. How long has it been there? Who knows. But this is for certain, we have some leakage. Great.

From expert sources, it is coming in from the outside near the bottom.

Whomever built the addition, didn't do it correctly and "forgot" something called "flashing". Basically right now, there is nothing blocking the outside forces from the inside...cue in the bug parade + minor flooding.

What does this mean for us? Well, said flashing will need to be installed along with some other things before we even attempt to put in some new flooring so that this problem doesn't continue.

For now, we'll enjoy our current flooring. You know, it does have some rustic charm, yes? I know, I'm pulling straws...


This Girl Is On Fire.

I was spoiled this weekend! I got to see some of my very best girl friends. You know, the ones that are "like bad pennies; you just can't get rid of them!" - Teen. HA!

(sorry Gin - you blinked!)

We took a little trip to Clover Market (I won't get into the "deets" about the trip up there - because there was some weird stuff going on...). It was a BEAUTIFUL day. The food was good. The items were amazing. What was going to "only be a few hours" turned into half of a day. I should have known- when you get with these ladies, time just flies!

I have to say...there were some pretty good finds. Like this guy. I mean, who wouldn't want to take home a cat mask?

With the finds, there were some major bummers. Gin was on the hunt for a good ol' map of Mo-town - but alas, no luck.

And what did I purchase? Nothing....NOT! I am SO excited to share my new loves!

Exhibit A: Milk glass storage containers. 

Hello simple. Hello cute font (Gin!).

Hello gray lids. Hello wire clasps.

Exhibit B: DIY fence art project.

My plan is to use some paint on the edges to make some funky arrows. I'm also looking into some string, nail art to write a word of some sort or an ampersand on it. Then, my mantle can feel less "neked" and make more of a statement instead of a sad little "womp, womp".

And lastly, exhibit C. 

Our little Owen in a hipster get-up. I just couldn't pass it up. He'll look great in our hallway once completed. 

I love weekends like these. Lady time. Crafts. Spring weather. Teaching Teen the inner workings of Instagram...

HashtagCanWeHangOutAgain?  ;)


A small update.

Awhile ago, I said I was going to recover some pillows for our sofa in the sun room.

I ran into a bit of a problem (or so I thought at the time). I thought I wouldn't have enough fabric and therefore I was dragging my feet. It must be a Hoberg trait because my dad does the same thing. Turns out I enough, but boy, do I just HATE measuring and cutting. But I'm glad I did it.

I broke out good ol' Molly and got to work. I used fabric that I found for cheap at some antique shop - she said it was an old feed bag...but I'm not too sure.

And after two hours, we have this!

And the colors look nice in the room.

Here's one finished and hanging out with the other. What a difference!

And now the pair! With an onlooker attached!

Now on to tackle that hideous carpet! 


The sanding machine.

I came home from a bridal shower to this guy.

What is he doing? Well, he's sanding of course! We went out the good ol' Home Depot and got ourselves a "contractor's grade" sander and shop vac (just for you Pops...we can't have any of that "homeowner" stuff!) & Ryan went to town! Surprisingly, it wasn't near as dusty as we anticipated.

After four hours, we have this.

The Depot guy recommended 120 grit sandpaper because he said otherwise, we would grind up our walls. He was incorrect. It was WAY too fine which means we need to do it again to get ALL of the glue off. We could have used one just a tad rougher. Sure, it looks way better but not ready for paint.

A quick trip down memory lane, yes?    

Beginning: Scraping & more scraping.

Next step: Vinegar scraping to get the excess paper off.

Third Step: Sanding; round one.

After a second round of sanding, we should be ready to mud & caulk. Then after sanding those areas, we'll go ahead and rip up the rug to get to the trim (it's pretty nasty anyway), then prime & paint! Should be about another month to go...woo!


Happy Easter!

A little belated... but Happy Easter! From the looks of it, everyone seemed to enjoy a nice long weekend along with the warmer weather. Boy, Spring is just the ticket!

Ry & I had a nice relaxing weekend - it was nice that our family events were spread out this time. We spent time with the Donnelly's on Friday, the Storm's on Saturday, and the Hoberg's on Sunday.

And this guy - a heartbreaker. Isn't he just the cutest?

How did he get so big? And those lashes...

Ah! Love my nephew!