This Girl Is On Fire.

I was spoiled this weekend! I got to see some of my very best girl friends. You know, the ones that are "like bad pennies; you just can't get rid of them!" - Teen. HA!

(sorry Gin - you blinked!)

We took a little trip to Clover Market (I won't get into the "deets" about the trip up there - because there was some weird stuff going on...). It was a BEAUTIFUL day. The food was good. The items were amazing. What was going to "only be a few hours" turned into half of a day. I should have known- when you get with these ladies, time just flies!

I have to say...there were some pretty good finds. Like this guy. I mean, who wouldn't want to take home a cat mask?

With the finds, there were some major bummers. Gin was on the hunt for a good ol' map of Mo-town - but alas, no luck.

And what did I purchase? Nothing....NOT! I am SO excited to share my new loves!

Exhibit A: Milk glass storage containers. 

Hello simple. Hello cute font (Gin!).

Hello gray lids. Hello wire clasps.

Exhibit B: DIY fence art project.

My plan is to use some paint on the edges to make some funky arrows. I'm also looking into some string, nail art to write a word of some sort or an ampersand on it. Then, my mantle can feel less "neked" and make more of a statement instead of a sad little "womp, womp".

And lastly, exhibit C. 

Our little Owen in a hipster get-up. I just couldn't pass it up. He'll look great in our hallway once completed. 

I love weekends like these. Lady time. Crafts. Spring weather. Teaching Teen the inner workings of Instagram...

HashtagCanWeHangOutAgain?  ;)

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