The sanding machine.

I came home from a bridal shower to this guy.

What is he doing? Well, he's sanding of course! We went out the good ol' Home Depot and got ourselves a "contractor's grade" sander and shop vac (just for you Pops...we can't have any of that "homeowner" stuff!) & Ryan went to town! Surprisingly, it wasn't near as dusty as we anticipated.

After four hours, we have this.

The Depot guy recommended 120 grit sandpaper because he said otherwise, we would grind up our walls. He was incorrect. It was WAY too fine which means we need to do it again to get ALL of the glue off. We could have used one just a tad rougher. Sure, it looks way better but not ready for paint.

A quick trip down memory lane, yes?    

Beginning: Scraping & more scraping.

Next step: Vinegar scraping to get the excess paper off.

Third Step: Sanding; round one.

After a second round of sanding, we should be ready to mud & caulk. Then after sanding those areas, we'll go ahead and rip up the rug to get to the trim (it's pretty nasty anyway), then prime & paint! Should be about another month to go...woo!

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