Rustic Charm...

We got ourselves some new floors in the sun room.....


But we did rip up the carpet. And it was on a whim.

My plan yesterday was to prime the front door...which I did. But while I was priming, I was visited by an usual number of bugs ranging from annoying to really scary. As I investigated, I noticed they were coming from under the rug. ACK!

So I broke out the vacuum and started sucking. I noticed a few from the corner and pulled up the rug to find a few more bugs. After gagging, I went ahead and just ripped up the carpet and padding to get them all. And luckily I did because I found a "violation".

Yes. A wet spot. And it stinks. How long has it been there? Who knows. But this is for certain, we have some leakage. Great.

From expert sources, it is coming in from the outside near the bottom.

Whomever built the addition, didn't do it correctly and "forgot" something called "flashing". Basically right now, there is nothing blocking the outside forces from the inside...cue in the bug parade + minor flooding.

What does this mean for us? Well, said flashing will need to be installed along with some other things before we even attempt to put in some new flooring so that this problem doesn't continue.

For now, we'll enjoy our current flooring. You know, it does have some rustic charm, yes? I know, I'm pulling straws...

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