Every Thursday evening, we go to my MIL's (mother-in-laws) for dinner. This passed Thursday night, we came home with full bellies & two new-old tables.

I'm not one to turn down furniture, especially of the free kind, because anything can work with some TLC & paint.

I placed one downstairs in the living room in a nice little corner.

I was orginally thinking of painting her, but after putting her in & finding some odds & ends to put on top, I sort of like the dark color with the walls & furniture. For now, she is safe from being painted.

The larger picture is the frame (the frame that is not safe from paint...) is a picture of my Pop-Pop & his Mom. I told my Mom I wanted a copy of this because I just love it.

Here's a larger scale of the room to see how the table looks from the back - like it? And of course, Zooey snuck in her pretty self. I promise you, I never plan to have her in my pictures - she just has to follow me e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.

The other table is a "half table" and for now I snuck him up at the top of the stairs where they hunky-boxy bookcase was. I'm not sure if he will stay there or not yet. He WILL be painted however.

After checking out Ms. Pinterest, I have a few ideas/options.

A chevron stenciled print on the top.

A dark or light green color.

Or a mustard color.

I have some left over paint from the hutch & also some from the bookcase downstairs - so I could always just do that too. I think I'll be doing the stencil as well. Could be a fun weekend project for cheap. 



Remember this guy?

I had my little heart set on painting her gray..but while discussing my plans with my husband, he said, "Why not just paint it turquoise or something?" And a light bulb just went off and I thought, "Well, yeah! Why not?!' 

I texted my dad as we went out to get the paint and his only response was, "Gross." (But in his defense, bright colors are not his thing.) 

So after a trip to the Home DE-POT (yeah, we call it the way it looks because it's more fun that way..) I chose a color called "Spring Stream". It's not turquoise- more of a teal/aqua color. And again, without really noticing, my inspiration plate has chosen my colors again. Remember this guy?

See that blue? Well, this color (in the words of Larry David from "Curb Your Enthusiasm" is pretttty, pretttty, prettttty, prettty "close.")

After two and half hours of painting last Sunday, here is what I accomplished so far.

The top part (the other two pieces of glass are still in progress).
The back was left white on purpose as it will be covered with contact paper.
And the bottom, with a Zooey tail...
...and an Owen. They're so nosey. 

Of course, I sent pictures to my mom and dad, and they said they really liked the color and that they thought I was going for a bright bright blue. Not so "gross" after all...eh?

My goal this weekend is to sweet talk my cute husband into putting humpy dumpty back together again so that I can add the shelf paper & get rid of this mess that has taken up the other side of my room.

A lot of projects need their space and I'm finding this out even more now. 

Do we like the progress so far? This girl votes yes of course.



Due to the recently purchased flat screen (woot, woot!), our room called for a little switcher-roonie.

To make the story short - here's the final outcome.

Final thoughts on the outcome: 

  • The room looks more open & spacious
  • The previous bulky coffee table is now moved elsewhere which opens the space
  • It just feels more "homey" and clean
This makes for a happy girl.


And goodnight.

What a busy week. Lots of responsibilities at work. A few crazy days. 

But looking forward to the weekend..how about you?

Valentine's Day is next Tuesday, so Ryan & I decided to keep our tradition of taking each other out to buy a small gift for each other, together. This year, we are taking our trip to Philly! I am beyond excited to visit one of our favorite cities again and have a nice dinner & some brews at The Standard Tap.

But now, off to relax and watch some Thursday night comedy with the hubs. 

Good Morning!

Almost there! Get out of bed! Friday is just around the corner.


Sneak Peak

My blog has been a little quiet lately..mainly because I've been slowly "brewing" a big project.

I have been working on converting my parent's old china closet into my craft room storage cabinet.

As with any kind of repurposing, this project will take time and energy so I'm thinking this may take a month to completely finish.

The piece is made with real wood but was covered by laminate. It's in good condition however, there is some wear and tear which include some scratches and discoloration. 

The china closet has a bottom with three drawers and two side cabinets. And a dog named "E."

I am in love with the legs.

The top is a glass door hutch, complete with knobs and hinges.

Last weekend, I spent a good amount of time at my parents sanding, cleaning, taping off, and priming the top piece and the inside shelves. After priming, I plan on moving both pieces to our house and starting the painting process. 

I am set on painting her a light gray and then adding some fun wallpaper or contact paper to the inside wall.  I am liking this particular gray color I saw from pinterest. 

I am still working on what to put on the back - I think as of now I am more concerned with painting than the "fun" details (including the new hardware details).

A project in process.