Every Thursday evening, we go to my MIL's (mother-in-laws) for dinner. This passed Thursday night, we came home with full bellies & two new-old tables.

I'm not one to turn down furniture, especially of the free kind, because anything can work with some TLC & paint.

I placed one downstairs in the living room in a nice little corner.

I was orginally thinking of painting her, but after putting her in & finding some odds & ends to put on top, I sort of like the dark color with the walls & furniture. For now, she is safe from being painted.

The larger picture is the frame (the frame that is not safe from paint...) is a picture of my Pop-Pop & his Mom. I told my Mom I wanted a copy of this because I just love it.

Here's a larger scale of the room to see how the table looks from the back - like it? And of course, Zooey snuck in her pretty self. I promise you, I never plan to have her in my pictures - she just has to follow me e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.

The other table is a "half table" and for now I snuck him up at the top of the stairs where they hunky-boxy bookcase was. I'm not sure if he will stay there or not yet. He WILL be painted however.

After checking out Ms. Pinterest, I have a few ideas/options.

A chevron stenciled print on the top.

A dark or light green color.

Or a mustard color.

I have some left over paint from the hutch & also some from the bookcase downstairs - so I could always just do that too. I think I'll be doing the stencil as well. Could be a fun weekend project for cheap. 

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  1. These tables are so cool. I especially love that hallway table. I can't wait to see what color you choose! It's going to look awesome!