Success! Sort of...

A lot of my time has been spent on baby shower items as of late - which I cannot post because the sister sees this. Therefore, I haven't been spending a lot of time on other projects. More or less, I've been just scheming...until today.

The hutch process continues! Last weekend on a Target run for nothing in particular, I stumbled across body pillow covers on clearance. I immediately fell in love with the fabric and wondered what I could use it for. Then my hutch came to mind - these would be perfect for the back!

The print looks like this.

Since they were body pillows, I had to cut the seams. This took a little bit of time because I am perfectionist.

Here was the tricky part, since there were two, I had to try & line them up. This was near impossible and wouldn't look good either way. So I figured since there were two shelves in the hutch, I could just hide the not-very-lined-up seams behind the thick wood and no one would know any different.

To paste these babies up there, I tried that starch & water method I had seen on Pinterest. I stirred up the mixture like is said, slapped it on there like it said, and let is dry like it said.

However, the next day the fabric only stayed up there by the two corner tacks I had pushed in and it was waving in the breeze. That method did not work. After more research, I bought the 3M 77 spray adhesive from the Depot. And boy, did that work miracles! 

I suggest asking a fine husband/boyfriend to help with this part because if you aren't patient like me, you may make a big, messy, frumpy mess. Ryan definitely did the majority of the gluing and smoothing and cutting process. So we are currently here:

 Sadly, we need another foot to complete this project. I could be in big trouble if Target sold all of those pillows- then I might have to rethink the ending of this baby. But so far....I-am-in-love!

I am on the hunt for some new hinges that are actually these sizes - so far the ones I have come across are too big or too small.

And we already made some scratches trying to get the shelf back in - but that can be fixed.

Lastly, the shelf still needs painted. Can you tell I have too much on my plate? I can feel it!

As of today, here she stands! What a beaut!

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  1. That hutch is so gorgeous and your fabric is awesome. I'm at target like 2 times a week so I'll keep an eye out for you! It fits so wonderfully in that room! I can't wait to see it in person!