It's the finallll COUNTDOWN! (duh nuh nuh nuuuuuh. duh nuh nuh-nuh-nuh...)

I am very pleased to bring you up to date with the latest on the project makeover-my-hutch.

If you remember, I was given this very worn yet very loved hutch from my parents who are in the process of a remodel. 

 After two months of sanding, priming, painting, and nailing back together - we were on the phase of adding the fabric on the back. Here's my hubs showing his skill with gluing the fabric pieces on the back because I am just not patient. And after this grueling/not-so-fun process, here it is.

The best part is, you can't even tell that they were 3 separate pieces of fabric (and if you remember, they were Target body pillows...) And I just love them.
Following our success with the fabric, I went ahead and scraped out the old shelf paper and replaced it with something new. Very simple.

Of course, I have some touching up to do with the paint as well as new hardware (Oh yeah, I need to put the doors on too..)- however - I loaded her up with my beautiful things and just stare at her in awe. She's a beaut.

Inside my hutch, I've added some pictures, odds and ends, crafting pieces etc. In the following picture, you can see my left over fabrics, our wedding album, some yarn, two handmade books that I just adore, and some ribbon. Oh, and my dad when he was little - just because he's cute.

Here, my inspiration plate stands along with some more ribbon, yarn, a thank you card from my mother-in-law's 50th, and a card I received from my very dear, dear friend, Kara in college.

Towards the bottom, I have some home magazines, buttons, and a quote that I printed because I just liked it.

My room is feeling a little more complete now and now that everything seems to have a place, I'm off to make something new today!