Bedtime Stories.

While in the process of cleaning up my craft room and organizing my things, I came across this lovely item that my very dear, dear friend Kara had given me at my bridal shower (which I am now realizing was two.years.ago.) and upon finding it and reading it a few times, my little heart just filled with happiness & love as I reminisced about our time together.

There are few people that come into your life that just....stick. We met at college, our sophomore year, as we were randomly assigned as roommates. Who knew that the people pairing up roommates created a friendship that withstood & weathered the good, the bad, & the distance (and a multitude of bedtimes stories that were required by me in order to get her to sleep - a girl can only come up with so many different ideas!)

As many know, we are still attached - even with the distance. Our lives run parallel - new jobs around the same time, engaged at the same time, married on the same day, homeowners together next. Do I dare throw out the "fate" word? That we were put together to be each other's "person"? I surely believe so.

Who could not love this lady? 

So this keepsake is currently framed & put in my beautiful hutch with my other beautiful things. 

It just makes me smile.

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  1. And it has green!!! how sweet!! btw this is Julie. lol aka anonymous