Another keepsake.

Remember how I found something from my friend Kara and framed it?

Well, I found something else - but this time from my friend Ginner.

I had been reading "Captivating" my junior year in college & was always talking to Ginner about it. One day, I received this in the mail:

She is quite talented, even at what she calls "doodles." Seriously. This is not like any other "doodle" I have seen.

The background upside-down printing are the lyrics from the Dashboard Confessional Song, "Vindicated". 

The foreground has the phrase, "you are captivating" along with other kind words she chose for me.

I remember hanging this up in college, right above my desk. When I had bad days (you know ladies, those days where nothing fits you, your hair is "ugly", & you just can't get motivated to do anything) I would look at this and feel inspired.

Lately, I needed that. I found her at the right time. She is now framed & displayed right on my desk for me to look at & to be inspired.

I'll tell you what -this room is feeling pretty nice right now with my new additions.

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  1. Aw! You are sweet! I'm glad you like this and I'm even gladder (yes, it's a word) that it makes you feel lovely...because you are lovely.