Bookcase Upgrade

The hubs & I were in the process of cleaning out our basement to store/attempt to play his drums when I came across two large boxes of picture frames/candles/decor if you will.

I  completely forgot about all the things I had. So I made some additions to our living room bookcase to make it look more full & inviting.

Here she is now.
I found the green-vase-like-picture frame (that has YET to actually have a picture in it besides the one that came with it - but I love the green).

I also found the purple fabric frame I made a while back. I like its new home as long as Zooey doesn't knock it over since she has dibs on that corner for naps.

I found an older photo of the hubs & I in a nice frame and added that to the family along with the card on the top that was given to us on our anniversary. I also found a large jar for our 2010 memories since that year was a big one for us. Ergo, big jar.  

I had also found one of our Valentine's Day cards I had framed for its cuteness that I had given to Ryan a few years back.

As I stood back to admire my work, I began to get a little agitated at these guys. They are ugly. They are always in the way. They move around at the slightest touch or breeze.

They burn out too quickly and leave a smokey bulb. I don't even want to get into the process of screwing a bulb in..what.a.pain. Seriously, it does take two people to screw in a light bulb.

And look how they take away from our beautiful shelf.

Yes. We should just get rid of them. However, we don't really have a light in this room besides this guy - so he stays...for now.

For the future, I'm thinking we may do something like this inside the shelf:
Or this on the top:

Ry would like something like this in the corner too:

We definitely need more light in the room to brighten the space. Regardless of the lighting options, let's just take a moment to check her out, one last time. Yay!

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