Remember this guy?

I had my little heart set on painting her gray..but while discussing my plans with my husband, he said, "Why not just paint it turquoise or something?" And a light bulb just went off and I thought, "Well, yeah! Why not?!' 

I texted my dad as we went out to get the paint and his only response was, "Gross." (But in his defense, bright colors are not his thing.) 

So after a trip to the Home DE-POT (yeah, we call it the way it looks because it's more fun that way..) I chose a color called "Spring Stream". It's not turquoise- more of a teal/aqua color. And again, without really noticing, my inspiration plate has chosen my colors again. Remember this guy?

See that blue? Well, this color (in the words of Larry David from "Curb Your Enthusiasm" is pretttty, pretttty, prettttty, prettty "close.")

After two and half hours of painting last Sunday, here is what I accomplished so far.

The top part (the other two pieces of glass are still in progress).
The back was left white on purpose as it will be covered with contact paper.
And the bottom, with a Zooey tail...
...and an Owen. They're so nosey. 

Of course, I sent pictures to my mom and dad, and they said they really liked the color and that they thought I was going for a bright bright blue. Not so "gross" after all...eh?

My goal this weekend is to sweet talk my cute husband into putting humpy dumpty back together again so that I can add the shelf paper & get rid of this mess that has taken up the other side of my room.

A lot of projects need their space and I'm finding this out even more now. 

Do we like the progress so far? This girl votes yes of course.

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