Sneak Peak

My blog has been a little quiet lately..mainly because I've been slowly "brewing" a big project.

I have been working on converting my parent's old china closet into my craft room storage cabinet.

As with any kind of repurposing, this project will take time and energy so I'm thinking this may take a month to completely finish.

The piece is made with real wood but was covered by laminate. It's in good condition however, there is some wear and tear which include some scratches and discoloration. 

The china closet has a bottom with three drawers and two side cabinets. And a dog named "E."

I am in love with the legs.

The top is a glass door hutch, complete with knobs and hinges.

Last weekend, I spent a good amount of time at my parents sanding, cleaning, taping off, and priming the top piece and the inside shelves. After priming, I plan on moving both pieces to our house and starting the painting process. 

I am set on painting her a light gray and then adding some fun wallpaper or contact paper to the inside wall.  I am liking this particular gray color I saw from pinterest. 

I am still working on what to put on the back - I think as of now I am more concerned with painting than the "fun" details (including the new hardware details).

A project in process.

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