Trapping the Heat.

My dad came over on Sunday to put in our bedroom windows. The entire house needs new windows since the windows are original - original to our 1951 home. The glass is really thin which means you can feel everything through it.

We decided to start with the bedroom since that's where we sleep & it gets really cold. Not to mention, it's the only room with more than two windows which makes for a really cold room.

These windows are also the worst in condition. There are a few cracks.

The caulking has worn off and is impossible to scrape off.

And this window doesn't even have a screen & takes manpower to open & close it.

After prepping (moving the furniture, cleaning off the sills, and making room for the men), Ryan & my dad were off to work. It took them about three hours which included take off the stops, pushing the windows/storm windows off the roof, installing the new windows, foaming the cracks around the windows, and putting the stops back on.

After the foam dried, Ryan scraped off the "overflow". We still have to sand the rest but that's going to be done later when we are ready to paint the trim (which is soon-ish). Then he put the shades back on - what a good hubs.

& our windows are complete!

They can open & tilt in any way you'd like which is pretty nice.

My favorite part is not having to force it to lock. It's super easy.

Whereas Ryan loves the fact that you can move it up and down with only one finger!

Zooey just likes that she can fit on the sill & actually see out the window.

We rearranged the room a bit & now are enjoying the new warmth the windows bring!

Next project for the bedroom - wallpaper scraping & wall painting. I.cannot.wait!

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