Thinking. Planning. Wondering.

We have this b-e-a-utiful bay window in our living room that used to actually be the outside of the house before they closed the porch in to create a "sun room". That was the idea I suppose but then they decided to put these bushes in that blocked the sunroom. Makes sense..right? But that's an old story - and completely off topic. Back to the bay window...

We want to create some sort of curtain feature for these windows for a few reasons:
a. to trap the heat in the living room since the sun room isn't insulated.
b. to bring in color and texture into our living space.

We already have these roman shades I made in the fall for our other two windows.

Therefore, our fabric choice needs to play off of this idea. I was surfing pinterest & I spy with my little eye....

Immediately, I am smitten. I love the idea of having fabric cover the whole wall & I think the solid color will pair nicely with a floral textile which in turn would totally look great with the roman shades.

So, I'm thinking a mustard solid color with a grayish pattern curtain. Picture that, and put that here.

Yes? No? Too ambitious? Too crazy? Too cute?

I'm still pondering the idea but learning towards a "yes".

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