"Just, Hanging Around.." - Kevin McAllister

Sunday was the day.

The day of all days.

The day that we finally hung up our IKEA frames in our living/dining room. We've only had them for months. And by months, I could mean since the summer.

You see, we live in an older house. Our house was built in the 50's. And back in the 50's when dinosaurs roamed the Earth & fire was discovered (totally kidding, Mom..), plaster was the "it" thing. Sure, plaster is great! It's neat looking! It has texture! It also eats nails and screws alive and doesn't feel bad about it - not even in the slightest.

So hanging things was put on hold until we figured out a battle plan for this here plaster. Basically, we used the strongest/sharpest plaster nails and measured many, many times before hammering. When we didn't measure and it didn't line up the right way, when we pulled out our nail - we ended up with a crater. (The shelves fiasco will be posted at a later date. We lost many battles with those wimpy guys...)

Luckily, we won the war and we have a nice decorated downstairs living space. Here's what we have so far:
Our little collage of frames.

Our wedding "guest book" in our new frame (the other broke in transit).

A fun "space filler" until we get a flat screen.

My project- completed.

And if you're wondering where some of our pictures came from, they came from here.

Chime in with the celebratory speech! These homeowners are now champions of "The Plaster Wars." (Got a nice ring to it - maybe a new HGTV show?)

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