Instagram Magnets

I saw these awhile back, forgot about them, and then Pinterest brought them back into my life.

Polaroid magnets? Genius! How cute would these look on our boring fridge?

I am sort of thankful I didn't do it back then because I wasn't familiar with Instagram yet. When I saw these again, I immediately thought that they would look way cooler with Instagram photos than just regular old photos. And a major plus was that these types of photos are already more square-shaped which fits perfectly in the Polaroid frame template (which I got from here along with the mini-how-to).
I decided to make mine a little bigger - I didn't want to have to squint to see them. Here's how they looked in the end.

I just used my Pages (office) program and photo paper to print the pictures out. Then I cut them.

Instead of chipboard, I used foam board which made them nice and thick AND foam board is already white...score! I used trusty-old rubber cement to paste them on and cut them out individually with an x-acto knife.

Then, I used a roll-o-magnets and cut two for each picture - one for the top & one for the bottom. I figured that way when the magnets are doing their job (you know, holding things on the fridge), then I have the option of putting the magnet on any way I'd like.

The end result: an awesome&cheap magnet. This one is featuring my handsome hubs in all his glory.

Here's our refrigerator friend before...

And here he is after...

I seriously love cheap-o projects like this one. I had all of the supplies except the magnets and foam board which cost me less than $5 (coupons to A.C Moore are always a steal!) and now I have left-overs to make some more (Did you notice we didn't have any photos of Owen Schrute? He can be a little camera shy & a crank so we will have to nab him at some point...).

I sure do love Instagram & am looking forward to putting them on canvas someday.


  1. This is so cool. I've been thinking of making those too and you have definite inspired me! So cool!

  2. Those look so cute! And easy, which means I might be able to do them, too!