"Brain" Surgery.

I decided on starting a new blog site for two reasons:

1. Ginner told me so (tumbler does not have the ability to "pin" items).
2. I wanted a site that could be a little more customizable. Tumbler was a little strange and difficult to figure out for me at times.

I will keep my tumbler site for a little while - the pictures always post a little nicer on that site! But for now, I'll be taking this guy out for a spin and see how I like it.

For the last week now, I've been a home nurse for my hubs who just had sinus surgery on Tuesday. Notice this was not "brain surgery" which his students thought he was having - how rumors spread!

The surgery went well and the staff at the Surgery Center of Lancaster was very accomodating and took good care of the hubs. The first night was a little rough (coming from the very brave girl who didn't sleep a wink) as he was draining (yuck) and in some pain. Luckily, Nan & Pap were able to spend the last two days with him as I had to work and we have had a lot of visits and help from Karen to make sure he was still alive. We both greatly appreciate the meal and visit from Tim & Tracy (delcious!) and the meals provided by Nan, Pap, and Karen. Last night, Audie, Phil, Meg, & Uncle Steve came for some much needed entertainment (though this night did not include colon talk).

Luckily, I didn't have to worry about cooking at all this week and could concentrate my time on the patient. Now, the bleeding has ended (I-am-so-thrilled!) though the soreness is kicking in. The nasal spray should be a little interesting considering how "clogged" it is up there- my gag reflexes might be making a return this evening.

We are very thankful to have so many people who have looked out for us this week - we are extremely lucky to have these fine, fine people who are willing to take the time to make sure we are OK.

Oh, and Nan - thanks for the toilet paper. Happy Birthday!

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  1. you go girl! I love it. Also, when you become famous, remember that I was your first follower :) I always love your posts...now I will love them even more because I can comment and tell you how much I love them.