A "free" & easy project.

While rooting around in my parents' basement for some items for my classroom, I came across a stool that was from my grandmother's house. It was pretty beat up & had a lot of paint splatter strewn across the top and sides. After much thought & discussion with Ryan, we didn't feel like it was worth sanding because who knew what kind of paint was on it and it was pretty beat up. I must say, not having to sand wasn't exactly a sad moment for me...

So after a few weeks of priming with oil-based paint, painting a few coats of left over paint semi-gloss latex paint I had from my hutch, we officially have a stool that I can use for my together times at school!

I don't mind the bumps and scratches that were left there - I feel like it gives it some character.

The only thing I need to do finish is adding felt pads to the bottom of the chair. It originally had these rusty knobs on the bottom.

That looks like a scary accident waiting to happen; complete with a tetanus shot.

So there we have it. A cute seat for my bottom at work.

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