The "Manly" Shower

This passed weekend, a few of my besties and I went to a baby shower. The catch was that it was really for her hubs who is excited about having his first baby. I'll tell ya, I love the "manly" shower! We got the play-by-play from the guest of honor himself & it wasn't all about the gushing "awww" & "how cute!" girly things.

Us girls had a great time giggling about his phrases such as "A chew toy! I didn't know babies needed chew toys!" & "Gotta love the snug & ride!"

The momma-to-be-again looked awesome - all belly! And big sister Emma is beyond excited!

It's strange that we still all pretty much look the same as we did in high school - I mean, without the obvious baby belly!

Of course I came bearing gifts. The first beast was a lovely group gift which I wrapped with $1.00 kraft paper from the Dollar Tree. Yes, they have kraft paper for $1.00! 

My personal handmade gift were these cuties. Again, I made silhouettes & then sewed them on the onesies with the zig-zag stitch. I'm getting better but still need practice. I also opted to get different sized onesies just in case Ben comes out a ten pounder. (Let's hope not, Leigh).

All in all, a fun afternoon with a few of my favorite people. I can't wait to meet little Benjamin, soon!

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