Autumn Sweaters

An ending to yet another beautiful fall weekend. The "Sunday Blues" usually start to kick in right about now but to be honest, I haven't had them too often because I sincerely love my job and am excited to begin the week with my adorable kiddos. (Not so much looking forward to actual classwork on Tuesday but alas, we can't win them all!).

My weekends have been wonderful in that I actually feel like I'm getting some things accomplished - and with spending little to no money doing them. It's fantastic!

To begin, I finally got around to putting on the original hardware on my hutch in my craft room. I had spray painted it last weekend in hopes of putting it on then, but ran out of time. It was pretty easy to screw them in and my, what a difference. I can also finally open the drawers without a screwdriver. Why did I wait so long?

No above view yet since I am still working on attaching the doors. Hinges are not my friend.

I took to adding some fall flair to our living space.  I had ordered a cute little banner from my beloved Paper Source. I must say, I do like the cozy feeling I get when I'm in this room (Zooey seems to like it too!)

I also went an got some "fall-ish" candles and added some pine cones from my sister's yard. The candles smell wonderful - The Christmas Tree Shop has them for a steal!

And a photo-bomb from the Owens.

 My mums that I had planted last weekend have started to bloom along with my pumpkins. They have a nice home right by our front door.

Our sunporch has opened up a bit - we gave away our table to Phil & Meg which makes this room feel A-M-A-Z-I-N-G when you walk in!

A project Ryan & my Dad have been working on has been our outside door (which was an absolute hot mess). They framed it out last weekend and started adding the sides and top today. Next weekend, the doors arrive. So excited to not take our lives in our own hands while walking up the steps and praying the door doesn't fall on our heads.

I had some time to finish painting the side table today. Isn't the color snazzy? I finally figured out what to do with the top...

...mod podge some paper on top! And here she is. This will be my project next week. Let's hope it turns out!

And in the spare time that I had (ha!), I did some more "Smashing." How addicting! And check out how cute my hubs is. What a cutie!

Any weekend successes your way? 

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  1. I finally got to clear my desk of all the projects I had waiting...not by putting things away, but by getting things done! It was a great weekend. Looks like it was the same for you :)