Chalkin' it up to a Saturday.

Just a quick weekend upgrade & update.

This was a chalkboard my dad had made for my wedding seating chart. I finally had the time to hang it up which took all of 10 minutes. I added some paper bunting banners for the cute factor. She's a little "bowed" from sitting in a damp basement so she sort of hangs off the wall a little. But I figure I can just add a small block of wood on the back to even her out.

For now, she's holding my upcoming project lists. One being a recipe book for my stash-of-paper- clippings-I-call-a-recipe-book. I completed a simple cozy for the hubs which I'll display tomorrow. Number three will be a long work in progress and will really test my sewing skills. The last project is just another linen pillow for our wonderful collection downstairs. 

I really enjoy writing with chalk - must be the teacher in me. 


  1. It's awesome!! I love the quote at the bottom! Adorbs! ;)

  2. And to think that chalk was considered contraband when we moved into the new building.Lol....