Primer War.

Onto the "prime war" that I mentioned yesterday. The ceiling in our sun room had some type of varnish on it. I first tried KILZ low voc primer. We had bleed through after 4 coats of primer. It was yellow and getting in those cracks was beyond a pain-in-the-you-know-what. 

Being impatient, I painted 3 coats of ceiling paint on top of that thinking that would cover it up. Nope!

Then, I went out and got the oil-based primer. And boy, that was awesome. One coat of that and BAM, it was covered. Though, clean up from oil-based paints is also a pain-in-the-you-know-what. That stuff took scrubbing to get off my hands and my poor brush! That was no fun.

Then after that, it took one good coat of ceiling paint and a thin coat after that. 

AND I WAS DONE! I did a little "happy dance" and wow, what a difference.


The ceiling is DONE.

The brick is primed and ready for paint. The windows and trim - haven't even touched that yet. My plan next is to lightly sand, prime (oh boy!), and paint all of the trim around the windows and door a nice shiny white. Then last, the walls and brick get a nice coat of paint. More on that another day.

So the math?

4 coats of KILZ + 3 coats of Ceiling Paint + 1 coat of Oil-based Primer + 2 coats of Ceiling Paint = a very sore yet victorious homeowner. 

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