Memorial Day 2014

Wow. This Memorial Day sure sped by fast! And not without some quality nephew time with the three best guys. How grown up they seem! And how tiny is little Luke?

Noah is very much into tractors, diggers, & trucks. He's the mechanic - gotta make sure those wheels are working right.

Mr. Wade is definitely a camera hog & ham. Here, he was checking out my lens...

...then Mom said, "Wade, smile for the camera!" Then we got these goodies.

We got Noah to give his cousin a little push around the yard. Wade was a little upset when Noah left him for the digger.

Uncle Ryan (soon-to-be-the-best-daddy-ever) was giving lessons on how to make the digger work the best.

We can't forget the newest addition, Luke. What a stud.

The boys love airplanes and could watch them all day...

...and Noah thinks Cole is hysterical.

The day isn't complete without some quality swing time with their best Nana. No need to exercise those biceps tomorrow after an hour of pushing these guys.

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