Fells Point

After the Arts & Crafts fair this weekend, we first stopped at IKEA to pick up some cubed shelves for Ryan's records & then drove to Fells Point. Ryan, of course, went to Sound Garden while I went to the overpriced-yet-super-cute furniture store Su Casa. I snapped a few favorites that I wish I owned but would never buy at that price.

A beautiful reading chair for the living room.

 An old cafeteria table as a dining room table.

 Love the stools too.

 Cool dipped utensils. Would be an easy diy.

 Double coffee table. Adding pillows on top for feet.

 Loving this sign.

 I always find it hard to find nice rugs for my price range. Loved this one in particular.

 Still a little pricey for a 5 x 8.

 Nice coordinating pillows. I believe I've seen this fabric somewhere.

After pretend-furniture-shopping, I walked around the inner harbor which as always is quite lovely. My favorites are the side streets & the cobblestone walkways.

We met up after our independent excursions at Max's Taphouse for some drinks & food. I got myself a Yards Love Stout which later discovered is an oyster stout in which Ryan then explained on how they are made. Yuck. But still, very yummy indeed.

In love with our weekend adventures. Until next time!

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