Yay for First Grade!

As many of you know, I accepted a first grade contracted position at Pequea Valley for next year. I-AM-SO-EXCITED!

I am even more excited than when I started my first year of teaching on my own in 2008. This classroom is my own. I can actually make things and store things in cabinets! I can plan on using things AGAIN for next year! 

Summer camp starts tomorrow so I took today to get ready & prepared & scope out the situation. Thank you Joanne Bahry (yes, 107 was your room...man, being retired really did you in!) for being so ocd organized. Everything had a place and now I can sift through and find what I need and add my own things. I was in my glory today & got a lot accomplished but I am no where near complete (which is OK by me!)

After four years of uncertainty, stress, and penny-pinching-to-the-extreme, I have a home in teaching firsties! 

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