Mantle Overload

Finally, Summer has arrived! And with it, some completed home projects. 

First, we have the mantle. I have had the things for awhile now but haven't done much with them. So today, I decided it was time to spend the energy making our mantle a bit more "sunny".

Here's the finished product.

First, I framed our arrow pictures we ordered off of Etsy. I went with arrows because the fence sort of reminds me of arrows. So I thought this would be neat. 

I also got this little yellow vase from a yard sale on Memorial day and added some of our West Elm paper flowers. I like.

Ryan got the old bottle from his mom for his birthday. It is one of the old breweries that run in his side of the family. It looks even nicer with the yellow.

The middle holds an old fence I had gotten from Clover Market. I decided to just wrap some of our paper flowers around it for now. 

And on the other side holds the other part of the pair of arrow prints in a new frame.

The rest of the items have been living up there for awhile. But they look way nicer with the other upgrades.

So there you have it! A fresh and new mantle. On to the next project!

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