Clear the floor. Kill the bugs.

From the neck up, the sunroom looks great. The floor is/was leaving something to be desired.  A few months ago I ripped up that greenish carpet and went bug killing...remember? 

So for awhile, we were living with a splintery, wooden floor. Nice, right?

And then there was the matter of this corner which shows that water is somehow getting in from somewhere. Yuck.

A few weekends ago on one of those nice breezy afternoons, the Donnellys went to work. We unscrewed, and ripped up the floor. (I thank the previous homeowners for forgetting to glue it to the floor- it came up rather nicely!).

And HOLY BUG OVERLOAD! There were nasty bugs everywhere under the wood. We did some heavy duty cleaning and now...

 ...we have concrete! I am thankful it is gray as it sort of blends in with our house and doesn't really stick out too much for the time being. Yes, it is a little chipped but what do you expect? I am NOT painting to only have it covered up later.  Maybe a little area rug can be whipped up for the time being.

Fixing the leak is our first priority.  Then we can work on adding a real floor down the road. Here's the dreaded corner all cleaned out.  At least it is somewhat presentable.

Not too shabby, right? And at least I won't get splinters walking into the sunroom throughout my barefooted summer vacation. Woot!

Notice the missing patio chairs? (see above picture for a look). They are currently getting a makeover. More to come!

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