Buying on a whim.

This summer has been a little crazy for us. Between taking graduate classes, summer camp, odd jobs, firstbirthdays/weddings/showers/bachelorparties...we've been trying to squeeze in some home updates along with our ever valued and sought after road trips. Last weekend, we got out of the house and had lunch in Lancaster City and afterwards, we decided on hitting up the ever-so-lovely Mommalicious and found...


Hello love seat! Hello green! Hello accent piece. Hello comfort!

Oh, and hellllllooooooooo legs! Killer, right? Me-ow!

She is great as-is and not too shabby on the price. The only thing we need to do is either remove or staple the bottom piece. I went ahead and temporarily straight-pinned it up for now to get an idea. Just by doing that, she looks more modern, more clean, and more updated. I like.

I know you can't feel the softness, but trust me when I say that many naps could be had on this lovely being.

A perfect fit in the corner? Yes! 

I know, enough already with the overwhelming number of pictures. You get the idea. We are in love.

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