A recipe book fit for a bride!

My husband's brother is getting married to a wonderful lady in a few weeks.  For a bridal shower gift, I was asked to put together a recipe book that combined the recipes of all of their family and friends.  (I can't take credit for the idea or leg work of procuring the recipes - that was all Karen Spina!).

For ideas, Karen & I looked at these on Pinterest.

found here
found here

found here

From those, here's what I came up with.

I decided on two books since there were so many recipes.  You can get these books at Michaels in all kinds of colors which was great! I love color coding, don't you?

The blue book was dedicated to the main meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner. 

The pink book was all about the beginnings and endings: soups, salads, dips, and dessert.

For the cover, I didn't do anything fancy, just a little stamp in the corner. 
"Put a bird on it".

For the dividers, I picked up these cute patterns at Michaels and made my own tabbies with scrap paper. I also purchased cute stickers to spice it up a bit. 

Now for the inside. Simple! Using the 4x6 page protectors, I inserted either a recipe, note, or picture. If the recipe or note was short, I added some scrap paper to the bottom for some color. Look at Megan, isn't she cute?

See that handsome guy on the left? That's the hubs. The groom is all touristy on the right.

I added some quotes and washi tape to add interest and flair.

My favorite is the "away we go" cloud on the right. So whimsy.

The groom...gosh, he was so cute.

The best part was adding the pictures of the family and personal notes. This is a picture of the boys' grandparents. 

Fun, right?

Here is the couple as little ones. You can't see it, but Phil is wearing a necklace with the letter M on it...coincidence? Fate? You pick!

Oh, and I got these little doo-dads to be used as bookmarks. Who doesn't love a mustache?

A very personal and fun project that can be made for anyone. It inspired me to organize my own recipes and add some personal touches.  The best part is that she can now add her own recipes and help the book grow.  What a fun "hand-me-down" this would make for future Donnellys!

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