Hello, Seattle!

In Portland, we decided to rent a car for a few days to see the sights outside of Portland that transit doesn't reach.  On one of these days, we decided to travel to Seattle as it was only 3 hours away. And boy, was it worth it. 

Seattle is absolutely breathtaking. Honestly, I would live here in a heart beat if the cost of living wasn't so steep. 

Here's the view as we pulled into the city.

As we came in, we headed towards Fremont Street which is known for some cute local shops and a pretty nice record store. As we went to park, we needed to break a bill to park in a lot which turned out to be pretty lucky as we stumbled into Seattle's Sunday Market which reminded me of Ardmore's Clover Market.  It was SWEET!

Later after visiting some of Seattle's shops, we decided to stop into Hale's Ale House for an afternoon cocktail.

From there, we headed to Kerry Park as it is known for its spectacular view of the city. And that was an understatement.  You can see EVERYTHING from here.

After some sushi for dinner, we just had to go to the first Starbucks on Pike for some coffee located by the infamous flying fish market. Coffee was delicious of course and the place was pretty awesome.

I'm loving this city life on the West Coast. A day in Seattle just wasn't enough!

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