Being an Aunt is the Best.

I'm sure most of you can agree that being an aunt is the best. You get to visit the little ones, play, & spoil them without worrying about the "mom" stuff. 

I was beyond happy to spend time with this little guy, Wade. He is so big and super smart. This baby sign language stuff is unbelievable.  Wade added the sad eyes when he signs for "more".  I mean, who can say no to that? Therefore, he has Aunt Kristin wrapped around his little finger.

He seems to love being in just a diaper and with the heat & humidity, I wouldn't mind either.

Puffy lip? Adorable.

 This one is my favorite. He was playing "stinky feet". And my, look at all those teeth!

 He was playing fetch with "him" (I say "him" because if you know anything about this dog, he is not my favorite.) Wade would basically just throw the ball at their head and clap when they figured it out and caught it. The only problem with this game was getting the ball back...

Look at that belly!

Here, he is so intent on figuring this thing out..

Don't worry, nothing was harmed in the making of this shot. But I think this was Aunt Kristin's cue to stop taking pictures! Ha!

A throwback for the best mommy this little guy could ask for.

Happy Labor Day all!

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