Major. Progress.

What started as a small project when we moved in ("We'll just paint the hallway and put up some pictures...") turned into, like most, much bigger. Basically, we had discovered that the previous owners had painted over wallpaper. And if you have seen anything like it, it looked terrible. So we scraped & scraped & cursed & yelled & sanded & patched & sanded & patched (repeat, repeat, repeat). Oh, and our walls are plaster. Can you say, holy dust ball? A year (or so) later, we finally did it! We primed, painted, and decorated. Although, there are some minor things (like the wall cover/black light switches, installing stair moldings/sanding stairs, & painting the doors), we have done it!

Here is some "before" action for some context.

And here are the lovely-happily-ever-afters.

(side note: looking at replacing or spray painting this guy..)

Yay, us!!


  1. Looks great! I love your bright colors with the neutrals. We had a room like that in our old house (wallpaper, covered with a border, covered with paint, covered with another border). Lots of curses were uttered in that room over the course of a year as well. Congrats on finishing the project!

  2. oh my goodness Krit! It looks amazing!!! Congratulations. We should have a party :)