The boys.

You know when you're an aunt when you just can't get enough of seeing & playing with your little nephews. Well, this was the case on Thanksgiving. My two nephews are just my absolute favorite. They both have such different personalities & mannerisms...it's a wonder that they are related! I could watch them all day (I mean, they could be picking their noses and you'd still hear, "awww..how cute!")

This little man is Wade. Full of interest & wonder. Once the camera came out, he was all about trying out the buttons and gears (he probably knows more about it than I do).

And this little man is Noah. Mini-Bubba. He's a bundle of energy and all about trying something first and then figuring it out later. And those eyes? Swoon.

They both decided to put on a little show for us. I think this piece was titled, "let's-scream-at-the-top-of-our-lungs-and-watch-the-adults-laugh-at-how-cute-we-are.

"You still there Aunt Kristin? 'Cause I just did something cute again."

This was our cue to clap and say "Yayyy!" (Like we didn't do that the whole time they were playing.)

Do they have to grow up? Because this age is my favorite ever...

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