The invaders.

Our nice little Sunday was interrupted by a few new visitors in our basement. 

We had been noticing that our Zooey cat was really interested in going down into the basement all morning. We thought she had found a bug so thought nothing of it. 

Ryan took a trip down and was surprised to find a bird just hanging out downstairs. After a few minutes to freak and put a game plan together, we decided to just sort of go for it and try and get it out of the door downstairs.

Once Ryan opened up the door however, we noticed that there was a neighborhood cat just hanging out on the stairwell.

Luckily, I caught a few things on film but sadly missed the exit of the bird because just like Ryan, I freaked out a bit.

Not the best film (as I was shaky and lost sound for a few seconds), but nonetheless comical for us & something we are sure to remember. 

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