A wedding

Weddings are always a good time. Ryan & I along with my family went to Nicki & Ben's wedding yesterday & like always, had a good time. Yes, the shoes came off. Yes, dancing was in session. Yes, I accomplished my usual goal of getting everyone mixed up during the electric slide.

We will start with the church ceremony. A beautiful church along with a beautiful ceremony.

The theme was "beachy" since Ben proposed to her on the beach. My table was "Atlantic City" which her brother Pat said "wasn't exotic enough for us".

The bridal party arrived at the Village Room but I caught this guy coming down the aisle instead...last time I checked, he wasn't in the party. But beer must be had!

The dances were of course next. Steve had too many excuses to NOT have to dance, but alas, there he is!

And of course, the best part for last. The "cheesing" & the dancing. Hit it!

There you have it! Another successful & eventful wedding down in the books. And only a slight feeling of "Ugh.." when waking up in the morning. So who is next?

And congratulations Nicki & Ben!

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