A visit.

We were blessed/lucky/fortunate to have a little visit from two very good friends from New York last night - The Kooistras! As many of you know, Kara's my long lost sister from college whom I've adored and shared many of my best (& worst) moments with. I believe we all need someone like that in our lives & I'm lucky I have found mine already. 

We were to met at The Brew Works yet were unaware that there are actually multiple locations so yes, we ended up at opposite places at first but after that hiccup, we were able to meet. We don't get a lot of these moments, but when we do, it's like no time has passed. They are both just amazing people and a couple (trio is you count cute Digby) that we can easily talk to & reminisce with for hours upon end. Sadly, it did end but they must know that they are loved by us and more visits are an order! 

Oh, and these faces are normal.

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