A few gifts.

Now that I am the auntie to be, I've been procuring baby items & even better yet, making some!

My mom (future Babushka) and I went to Babies R' Us and went a little crazy. We found the cutest little bed set and just had to get it.

It has the pretty grays and greens and Kel's favorite - yellow. And the cutest bees and insects you ever did see (because in real life, they really aren't that cute.)

As we were leaving, my mom ran back and said, "I just can't leave the bumpers!". So, we got the whole set. 

Gosh. It's just cute.

In addition to that, I made some onesies. Now, this is my first attempt in embroidery and just sort of went with it. You have to start somewhere.

I decided on the silhouette look. So I purchased onesies, baby fabric, and used my embroidery thread and needles that I already had. Oh, and I also purchased that iron on paper as well which helped keep it straight and easy to stitch around. 

Here are a few "in process" photos I took of my progress.

And here are the final pieces.

I decided not to wrap them. So I displayed them at the shower. (Not on the freshly painted wall of course because Babushka would have killed me..)

 Lastly, my MIL (Karen L. Spina) & I made some hand & nail butter from this lovely book:

It was a lemon scented recipe with beeswax which went with the theme. We stored them in tins & I printed off labels from here.

Overall, a lot of the items I made for the party (the banners, vases, menus) were all from items that I already had.  I really like the handmade route - it's more meaningful, personal, and I enjoy doing it. A win, win, win! 

Now off for more crafting surprises!

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