My happiness.

As shown in a previous post, I have recently purchased the book, The Happiness Project and have been taking my time in reading it. After reading a particular chapter, I take the time to sit and reflect upon it and attempt to relate what was written to my own happiness. 

The more recent chapter that I have read relates to work and aiming higher in your career.  I have been attempting to change my attitude in my current workplace & become more positive & more upbeat & attempt to leave work behind when I come home. At times, I bring home my work & my stress which then leads to a rough & depressing & exhausting evening.

Which brings me to my main point of this particular post. Blogging. I simply blog just for myself. For fun. For creativity. For documentation of my enjoyable moments in life. I may not be a great writer, blogger, creator...but that's not the point. It's what I love doing & it's something I won't stop doing. People may think I'm crazy with what I make & the time it takes me to create something - but again, it's my happiness.

So I look forward to my Sundays which I find are my blogging days. I get to look through my photos from the week, make an iced coffee beverage & have it sit next to me at my computer, and I just sit & write & more importantly, reflect. I get to find inspiration & make a list of things I want to create next. I get to read other blogs and find new ideas & just bask in the utter happiness of life.

I get to be me. Not the stressed out Pre-K teacher who has to worry about lesson plans, prepping, & logging in observations that are due in a week. 

What do you do to be you?

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