My happy list.

It's the weekend and I for one, am very excited to be here after a very long, long week.

After a trip to the library for children's books (my only work for the weekend), I went and got myself a nice cold drink from Starbucks. What's next?

I'll be spending some of the day with my sisters and mom at a wedding shower which I'm looking forward to because I just adore my ever growing family.


Well, that is the even better part.

I'll be crafting a new wreath for our front door since it still looks like this:

What is my plan, you ask? Let's take some inspiration from you-know-where.

I'm thinking of a light gray background with yellow yarn mixed through and attempting some of those top flowers in bold colors like the blue and green and yellow. 

Nothing like updating your home with the spring fever. Yay for weekending!

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