Happy Day for Brittanys.

It was a weekend filled with "yay!" & "congratulations!" Myself, Mom, & Dad took the trek to slippery rock to partake in Britt's big graduation day. Yes people, she made it. A big, fat, WOOT is in order.

Can you see her? It's like "Where's Waldo". I'll give you a high five if you can...

We were there on time - and with no place in the world to sit. Instead, we pulled up a bench and squeezed ourselves in on top. It worked perfectly. 

I think the video from Mom's camera would probably give you an inkling of just how much fun the three of us had up there. I'll have to upload that later...

For now, I present you...

The newly crowned adult!

With her awesome sister..

And the "Tim Hoberg Squint!"

And not to mention, the boyfriend who graduated in the ROTC. 

Aren't you proud? The last Hoberg graduating from college - welcome to the real world sister Britt!

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