Pop-eye. Arg!

My name is Kristin.

And I'm addicted to photos.

Especially old photos. Even better, photos of family where you didn't even exist yet. 

You grow up only knowing your grandparents a certain way. Old (no offense). And then you see pictures of them when they were younger (these photos are showing them at my current age- unreal!), and you see their life in a whole new perspective. 

These photos are of my Pop-Pop McKinney (my mom's daddy) when he was in the navy. He is just handsome & my...so young!

It's neat to catch a glimpse of what they saw, even if it is ever so tiny of a glimpse.

He is such a ham...no wonder...

This one below is my absolute favorite of the bunch. My Pop-Pop with my Grandmom at their wedding. 

Just darling.  

Though my future babes will never be able to meet my two sweet grandparents, I'm hoping that one day I'll be able to share these with stories with them & I know they will have their own stories/memories of their own grandparents.

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