Puppies. Bellies. Babies.

Q: What was needed to make this baby shower successful?


A Bailey. 

A Noah belly.

A peanut gallery.

An upset-future-least-favorite-aunt. :)

A super cute Momma.

An Ava & her Pop.

An adorable family.

A sweet addition to the family.

A cute Momma & soon to be Auntie.

An Uncle Ed (creator of the baked mac & cheese.)

A sneaky camera stealer.

A cheesy smile.

A baby. A very important ingredient to a baby shower.

A guest who can't eat food properly.

A relaxing corner.

A Momma mingling.

A non-pregnant belly designed for consuming yummy treats.

A meeting of the cousins, pre-birth.

Multiple bellies (not a necessity, but recommended for optimum fun points)

A Future Grandmom (twice over), proud of her son.

A Babushka.

A tightly-knit family.

 And a not-so-serious-Kristin picture (a delightful addition to any party).

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  1. LOVE the new look. Super cute. Also...that last picture is the best. It's not a party without a crazy kristin picture.